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American Slicing Machine model W

American Slicing Machine model W


The flywheel slicer model W was produced in the factories of  Chicago from 1920 to 1928 by many former workers of the most affirmative Van Berkel's Patent. The slicer body has a shape that vaguely resembles the keel shape of a boat and the flywheel that creates the machine's movement is open type. Adjusting the thickness of the slice on the right side of the slicer body is of the infinitesimal type that allows the passage of the various cutting positions without much difference, allowing the product to be cut to the desired thickness without having a slice or too much Thin or too thick. On the left side we find the shoulder, which in addition to holding the blade of 350 mm. of dimater, and is attached to the bottom of a shoulderthere is fixed a plate with the descripons of patents and dates of the American Slicing Machine. At the top there is the sharpener of the blade, which is divided into two sections; The first one used to sharpen the blade is applied to an arm which by rotation of the blade comes into contact with the blade, the second being hidden beneath the cover and is a thin metal wheel that blade the blade after sharpening. Originally, the American Slicing Machine slicer was produced in mahogany and green or red colors, while the metal parts are nickel plated, provided as a machine resting on the workbenches or for optional pedestals were given two choices; The first round-shaped with a very large bottom and no raised feet, while the second in square shape contained the slicing motor for the assiduous users. This slicer like all the flywheel slicers refurbished and sold by the Company " The World's Best Slicers ", is restored with the exclusive use of original antique decals respecting the color tone and supplied with its original pedestal avoiding trivial copies.


Flywheel slicers Flywheel slicers
Blade diameter 350

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