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Model 5 red

Model 5 red



The flywheel meat slicer Berkel model 5 was built in the period between 1922 and 1928. This is the first model assembled also in the factories Van Berkel Patents from Chiavenna in Italy.This is an update of the Slicer Berkel slicer model 3 and the first version was mounted the sharpener and the flywheel floral design of Berkel model 3, is subsequently created the first fully closed with the words fly in relief and is mounted the sharpener that creates a standard for many later models. This is a variant of the Berkel slicer model 3 and the arm to fix the meat in the italian version is open in the direction of the flywheel to help set even faster products of greater length . The arm to fix the meat according to the area and period of production changes shape and the support surface of the meat is in the material of the plate spline, or opal glass white. The Slicer Berkel mod.5 has a slice thickness adjustment to 15 positions. The Slicer Berkel Mod.5 was originally painted in red, black and ivory . The Slicer Berkel model 5 needs a support of 250 mm. Front – 300 mm. Rear – 460 mm. has a total length of 660 mm footprint. Height – 840 mm. Length – 620 mm. in width. The Slicer Berkel model 5 has a net weight of 102 kg.The slicer was supplied without any supporting support, but optionally at the request of the buyer his original pedestal was supplied, where the slicer could be correctly positioned in every point of the room without creating impediments on the work and be cleaned more easily and be enhanced more and more.This slicer, like all the flywheel slicers that have been restored and sold by The World's Best Slicers, is restored exclusively with the exclusive use of original antique decals respecting the color tone and supplied with its original pedestal, avoiding trivial copies.


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